Women Like Us: Kelly Christakos Stivers (@bungalowblue)

The Mayfair Hall x Kelly Christakos Stivers


Q. You have a lovely, easy-going yet perfect style. What inspires you?

A. Thank you so much!  I am so drawn to a classic, all-American aesthetic.  And what is more so than the beach?  We were stationed at and lived by the water for many years and I love the simple, laidback lifestyle there.  I strive to bring that feel to my home, even though we are now stationed two and a half hours from the water! 

Q. As an interior designer and stylist, what impact has your two children had on how you think about decorating your home?

A. My biggest challenge after having my children was making my home child-friendly without sacrificing personal style.  We don’t have a playroom so I’ve had to get creative with storage; I have a bunch of beautiful, large baskets scattered throughout for toys, and use my built-ins to store games, bins of legos, puzzles, anything with little pieces that I can stack in bins (and keep out of sight beneath my bookshelves!)  I found a large, antique tray with a wicker dome lid that I use to store my daughter’s coloring books, construction paper, crayons and glue sticks – it holds a ton of her things so she can help herself and then when she’s done, the lid goes back on and you’d never know what all was beneath it!

I also don’t pass up on antique furniture or pieces that I love when I see them.  I think it’s important for littles to grow up with an appreciation for nice things and to learn to treat them well!

Q. Please walk us through a day in your life while juggling two children and a business.

A. Right now, I’m only working part-time so I can be with my children.  Since quarantine hit, I try to grab some time in the morning before they wake up to put the finishing touches on a blog post or an e-design for a client. Then it’s breakfast, cleanup, pool, lunch and then quiet time for about an hour and a half.  This is when I can really dig into a client I’m working on or work on posts for my blog.  I was the worst at time management before having children, but you would be amazed at how much I can accomplish in those in-between moments during the day without sacrificing time with my son and daughter!

Q. You have books perfectly placed around your home, what are your favorite books you have read recently? How about ones for interior décor inspo?

A. I love decorating with books; they really tell a lot about the person who loves there, are a great conversation starter and look great stacked on bookshelves or coffee tables! My all-time favourite design books are Steven Gambrel Perspective, Gil Schafer American House, Carolyne Roehm At Home in the Garden, Victoria Hagan Interior Portraits.


Q. Any women in the past and present you look up to?

A. My maternal grandmother, hands down. She was a child of the depression who had to drop out of school to help support her family and became a master seamstress. She was so incredibly talented and made it look effortless; her attention to detail was impeccable just doesn’t exist anymore.

Q. What is your go-to skincare product?

A. I use Retin-A five nights a week before moisturizing. It’s truly a miracle in a tube! And I’m currently loving the prescription-grade derm products from Neostrata! Their renewal moisturizer and eye cream are incredible.

Q. What are your essentials for a picture-perfect home?

A. For me, creating a beautiful home is all about layers-creating a cozy feel through fabrics, textures and art takes time but my three must-haves for getting a client well on their way are a large area rug, window treatments and beautiful lighting. No space is complete without either!

Q. When trying to put an interior décor mood board together, what are your tips?

A. Whenever I do my mood boards, I like to see a little color (I am partial to blue and white) mixed with some texture (rattan, wicker, bamboo) and a statement piece for fun!

Q. Must visit home stores online. Any under the radar ones we might fall in love with?

A. There are so many small businesses I source from time and time again! High Street Market, Dear Keaton, Shop Anecdote, Shop the Avenue, Shop Paloma and Co, Mainly Baskets, Amanda Lindroth, Pop O Color for pillows on Etsy, and, of course, The Enchanted Home.

Q. Personal accounts you love to follow on Instagram for inspiration?

 A. There are so many that I absolutely love!  Here are a few of my current faves:

@anantucketsummer @kdhamptons @roman_and_ivy @danscottidesign @tomkligerman @riverroad59 @patrickahearnarchitect @jo_rodgers @hillhousevintage @katy_campbell_house_hunter @paolomoschino @revival.rodney


For a constant source of inspiration, follow @bungalowblue on Instagram, and visit her blog at bungalowblueinteriors.com.