In the Know: My Friend Cristina Cuomo's COVID-19 Recovery Protocol

Even as we take every single precaution to stay healthy and well ourselves and protect others who are more vulnerable, the possibility of contracting the new virus COVID-19 is still a genuine and alarming one.

I consider myself part of the team that tries to follow all rules of social distancing in the smallest details. I have mastered all protocols that keep us safe as staying home, washing hands, wearing masks, and so on (yes, I quarantine and disinfect packages and mail as well even though the risks are low).

That said, I have to confess that after reading my friend Cristina Cuomo’s road to recovery and her protocols, I realized I had quite a lot to learn - thanks, Cristina!


Her protocols guide you through each one of her decisions on how to beat this scary and very new virus, which, at the moment, remains without proven treatment.

As we move towards reopening our country and what some call a “new normal,” it is even more imperative to keep ourselves healthy. In the event we get sick, we must have an emergency plan in place to heal ourselves as well as protect our loved ones - as mothers, that responsibility is even more critical.

I believe Cristina says it best, so please read Cristina Cuomo’s Protocol available at her incredible platform, The Purist. It is truly a treasure and gift from someone that endured what we only know as a risk.

Thank you, Cristina, for being the strong, brave, and loving woman you are and for sharing your experiences with us!

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